Jax JavaScript Library 5 : A lightweight, yet feature-rich JavaScript library.

Version 5 is here!

Jax JavaScript Library is a lightweight, robust JavaScript library that follows a set of standards and practices set and adhered to by other similar JavaScript libraries. It can be installed next to and work alongside other JavaScript librarires, such as jQuery.


You can get the latest copy of the Jax JavaScript Library or any of its components from GitHub.


Or, if you prefer, you can download a complete standalone snapshot of the entire framework from this website.

Download tar.gz (10 KB) Download tar.bz2 (10 KB) Download zip (10 KB)

v4.0.0 tar.gz | v4.0.0 tar.bz2 | v4.0.0 zip


We welcome community input and development. Please refer any questions, input, comments or issues to Github.

A more detailed, in-depth website coming soon!